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sure footed 


Muhammad Ali

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THis womans hue lol….i love it…shes beautiful

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goddess in bed…eee i like that sound…GOD




My neighborhood <3


When Frustration Threatens Desire (1990) Kerry James Marshall

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My Cat and I by Ed Gérard (NEL, 1972 edition).

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In Groot We Trust

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I think about this often

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Chuck Berry in concert in London, 1972.

Nothing equates to peace like an understanding of both sides, or even all sides of the spectrum. When one side is over ruled, such as the law over the people’s right to be free, we are and were only settling for temporary peace. Authority will most likely always be abusive because no person should be given the right to authorize another person’s life; unless of course they are given permission by that person. Although the this may seem like a “government vs the people scandal”, I prefer to acknowledge the fact that those that are in control are the only ones who know what it really is because, they are the ones who predicted this and willingly put themselves at risk. As we know, both the people and the government made an agreement to put themselves at risk. What it is can’t be what it seems unless; there is an understanding of every perspective, a view of every angle, and compassion for what it all means. What happens when this is realized?


How would authority ever work in a Town full of leaders. “I am my own authority”  is the mentality we grow to become, not bend over and get fucked.. We can’t live this way. This was bound to happen.