Omarosa Manigault on Bethenny Frankel show.

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"You get to walk around and be mediocre, and still get rewarded for things." FOX canceled this show back in Feb. for low ratings, yet they’re still playing reruns of it. 

Man get this bullshit outta here…damn near anything that come out her mouth you no it’s gone be some b.s…. I never understand why people let hate live for so long it’s beyond. Whenever someone decides to make a move towards something enlightening we let that die before people can recognize what the truth is. This shit disgusts me

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Etudes SS13 Lookbook

Into it…

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Hilliard Center, Chicago, Illinois, 1964

(Bertrand Goldberg)

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Untitled de erhanakkaya

Look like the ocean…..its my pool tho

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