These real-life Rosie the Riveters changed the face of labor

Vintage photos from the library of congress capture a time when the country ran on womanpower

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 伍启中 水墨山水人物

Shuimo Painting by Wu qizhong

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Johannes van Loon. Illustrations for Harmonia Macrocosmica by Andreas Cellarius. Star Atlas. 1660.


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1994 press photo that came with the announcement of Marvel’s partnership with MCA inc. featuring Stan Lee and some friends.

The deal laid the foundation for Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure which includes Marvel Super Hero Island.

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The Death of Peter Parker

Art by Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor
Words by Brian Michael Bendis

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Seen the most beautiful woman yesterday…I was speaking with her at her Necklace stand, i was really just joking around with her..i told her a story about my day and everything, we had been communicating and I was so suprised when i found out she didnt even really speak english.. I was like woow, its weird to connect with someone so well and not even be speaking the same language. Even weirder that i spoke with someone else at another stand, and we couldnt relate or understand each other uttered word. Man….  


(Unknown). A Group of Women from Hindupur. Mural Detail in the Veerabhadra Temple. India. 1540.


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Protective Talisman Chart. Tibet. 1700s.

At the top center is Manjushri, holding an upraised sword in the right hand and a lotus stem to the heart with the left, the blossom supporting the Prajnaparamita book. Manjushri, the patron bodhisattva of astrology is seated on a lotus in vajra posture surrounded by a blue and orange nimbus. The central image is a yellow tortoise lying on the back with limbs extended holding staves with impaled corpses. At the center of the round belly is a circle of nine multi-coloured squares containing the 9 magic numbers (mewa gu). Surrounding that, on a dark blue wheel and brown background are the 8 triagrams, of Chinese origin. The outer circle of various colours represent the elements: wood, fire, iron, water and earth. Pictured within are the 12 animal figures of the 60 year cycle. Starting from the top green square on left and moving right are a hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog, boar, mouse, ox and tiger. The Tibetan system of astrology derives from two main sources, the early Manjushri system and the later Kalachakra Tantra system.


Jean-Michel Basquiat by Richard Corman, 1984.

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